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Here at Gourmet Weddings Gifts we love REAL love and REAL brides who share their REAL love stories (and proposal!) Our #GourmetLoveStory series celebrates love and the proposal that started the couple’s journey down the aisle!

This week we’re showcasing some of our favorite “destination proposals!”

The Disney Proposal: The Happiest Place on Earth


Every little girl dreams about her fairytale wedding. Danielle got her fairytale proposal at the center of all our favorite fairytales: Disney! Read her story below:

“It happened on September 7th, during our trip to Walt Disney World with my parents in front of Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom. We made our way to the park and got our pictures taken in front of the iconic castle before heading off to enjoy a few rides. After we were done, my mom was urging us to go closer in front of the castle so she could get a few more pictures. I was wondering why she wanted more pictures when we already got some, but I figured she had her reasons and I didn’t think anything else of it.

We got in line for one of the photographers right in front of the castle and my mom wanted me and Nathan to get our pictures taken first. Nathan had decided to take his hat off for the pictures and leave it with my mom, so when it was our turn, I got up there and waited for Nathan. He was taking longer than I thought he should and my mom was whispering something to the photographer, but again I didn’t think anything of it.

Finally Nathan joined me and we began posing for pictures. After the first few, Nathan turns to me and says, “You know I love you, right?”, kisses me, gets down on one knee, shows me that gorgeous ring, and asks me to marry him. I said YES, of course! Everyone around us was awestruck and erupted in applause after the big moment. I was so happy and excited that I couldn’t let Nathan go to get pictures as a newly engaged couple. Everything about that night and proposal was so perfect and I wouldn’t trade anything about it for the world. Nathan gave me everything I ever dreamed of and more and I cannot wait to marry him.”

The Castle ProposalA Story Fit for a Fairy Tale


While we all dream about what the perfect proposal couple be, some simply defy our expectations! Shaun was able to give Danielle the proposal of her dreams. Read their story below:

“Well he had been planning it for over 2 months! Everyone knew! We had been planning a vacation to Colorado for over a year, so he decided to take advantage of our vacation and propose! He waited till the second to last day of our week long trip to set it up. We were going to a spot I wanted to go to for a very long time, Bishop Castle in Rye, Colorado! We walked all around the place before going to the second story. I’m terrified of heights so that’s as high as I would go much to his dismay.

He had our friends who were on the vacation with us follow us to the spot in front of the windows and record the whole thing. I looked out the windows and then turned to him on his knee! He asked me to marry him and I cried like a baby and said yes. He put the beautiful sapphire ring on the wrong hand because he was nervous, but now all my friends boyfriends hate him and I’m the envy of all my friends! The proposal was straight out of a fairytale. I was taken to a castle on our dream vacation, and asked to marry the love of my life and best friend! We are getting married October 21st, 2017!”

The Paris Proposal: Proposing in the City of Love


Many women fantasize about getting proposed to in Paris but for Nicole this dream became a reality! Read about Nicole and Rob love story below:

“Rob and I met at our college’s audition for a play called “Cyrano.” Long story short he played Cyrano and I ended up being his Roxane. In between the lines we fell in love. We then joined our college’s forensics team- which in this case was basically speech and debate, not csi type stuff. The world championship was going to be held in Paris, France that year. We were partners and ended up winning first place. The day after the tournament was my birthday!

We decided we’d do an abridged tour of all the must see places in Paris. For every hour Robert gave me a card with a reason why he loved me. His reasoning for this was that because of the trip he couldn’t afford an actual gift. He planned it out so that I would get the tenth card at sunset on top of the Arc De Triomphe.

We’ve discussed getting married for a while now, and like the pushy Long Island girl that I am I showed him all the proposal videos I was in love with and even designed the ring I wanted through Blue Nile. The tenth card was not a reason at all but the logo for blue nile which I couldn’t recognize (even though I’ve seen it many times before). When I looked up from the card, there he was- down on one knee with the ring I had designed. It was the most beautiful proposal I could have ever wished for.

Fast forward a few years later and we are married and living in the cutest town in Wisconsin with our two dogs. We will be celebrating one year on August 29th!”

Check out Rob and Nicole’s engagement video down below!

The Sunburnt ProposalHangry in Love


Proposals often come when we LEAST expect them! As we all know, every good proposal has to have some element of surprise. This bride definitely didn’t see her proposal coming which is why her story is so much fun! Read Sierra’s story below:

“We were on a family vacation to Myrtle Beach in August of 2016. It was my four month old son’s first vacation. My fiancé had planned a fun day on the beach and sightseeing. However he didn’t plan on us all getting extremely sunburnt. He tried so hard to have it to where we all would be back at the beach at sunset. Unfortunately he didn’t plan on everyone being drained by the sun and needing naps, including himself. We finally woke up an hour before the sun was supposed to set and he began panicking and rushing everyone out the door. He said he made reservations at a fine dining establishment so we all had to dress up.

Once we get loaded up in the car he said that he had to run back up to the room because he “forgot” his wallet. That was a normal thing, so I thought nothing of it. He had really ran and grabbed my camera and flip flops. He proceeds to tell us that we are going to go take family pictures before dinner on the beach. I was completely clueless, was just along for the ride, and frankly I was a little “hangry.” When we got out of the car he hands me my flip flops, hands my grandpa the camera, and we walk out to the sand. We ended up taking our shoes off anyways because we both about fell.

By this time the sun had already set and it was getting dark. He took a few snapshots of us and then said he wanted to get some of Michael and I. While in the middle of taking pictures and my whining about being hungry, sunburnt, and sleepy, Michael swoops down on one knee and asked the oh so famous question. The only things I kept saying were “shut up,” “are you kidding me right now,” and a few cuss words to keep it classy.

Bless his heart, he planned and thought out a whole game plan for this proposal but unfortunately it didn’t go quite as planned. To me it was everything and more. It may not have been perfect, but it was perfect to me. Now we are scheduled to get married October 21, 2017, we’ve bought a home, and have the happiest one year old son. I cannot wait to be his wife an annoy him for the rest of my life whenever I’m hangry.”


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