4 Unique Ways to Incorporate Guest Favors at Your Wedding

Wedding Favors and 4 unique ways to incorporate them into your wedding Gourmet Wedding Gifts Personalized wedding guest favors and customized gifts

Wedding Favors and 4 unique ways to incorporate them into your wedding Gourmet Wedding Gifts Personalized wedding guest favors and customized gifts

Although it is becoming more common for couples to offer edible wedding favors to their guests these days, for many couples the thought of an edible favor either has not yet crossed their mind or they do not know where to start.

We wanted to put together a few ideas for how you can use food and food-related wedding favors in your own wedding. Keep in mind that these ideas are not necessarily all mutually exclusive, and can be combined or customized to fit a wide variety of preferences and budgets. It’s your day after all – make it a perfect one for you and your new spouse!

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

1) Welcome Gift Bag

Versions of this are fairly common, and this is a great way to kick off your wedding festivities. Especially good for a wedding weekend, the Welcome Gift Bag gets you off on the right foot with your guests and helps set the tone for the rest of the wedding events. If you are having many guests attend from afar, consider a Destination Wedding Gift Bag including a few things to help them get acquainted with the area, like a local map, a list of Top 10 area highlights, and something to snack on while they get rested and refreshed before the wedding day (Candied Bacon Caramel Corn, anyone?)

If you know your reception will be a wild one, consider supplying a Survival Gift Bag. The keys to this are snacks and useful goodies. Give them a bag of gourmet chips to munch on and cocktail ingredients for the reception after-party, and don’t forget to include a bottle of water and some ibuprofen for the morning after!

If you know your guests will be up and about in the AM after the wedding, consider making them a Breakfast Wedding Gift Bag with some artisan jam for their toast and robust, high-quality coffee that will put whatever the hotel offers to shame.

If your wedding has a strong theme, think about how to add items to the Welcome Gift Bag to go with that theme – a bottle of sunblock for a beach wedding, a customized corkscrew for a vineyard wedding – be creative!

It’s usually not too much trouble to coordinate with hotel staff to have these waiting in the lobby or in guests’ rooms when they arrive. You could also hand these out at the rehearsal dinner or a casual get-together at a bar or restaurant the night before, as is also quite common.

2) The Place Card Favor 

Often times couples can be very creative when it comes to letting the guests know where they will be sitting at the reception dinner. Going beyond the traditional place cards (check out those cute mini-pumpkins!), using a favor as both a little treat and a way to let the guests know where to go is both functional and memorable.

Wedding in Sonoma Valley or the Finger Lakes? Consider customized wine bottle cork stoppers with a tag attached along with your guests’ names and table numbers.

The sky is the limit with this one – use your imagination and remember that if you order well enough in advance you will have plenty of time to add to or further customize the favors you get to fit what you want to do.

3) Place Setting at Reception Dinner 

This is perhaps the most standard way in which to offer wedding favors to your guests – simply have each favor sitting at each guest’s place setting at the reception dinner. This has the advantage of being both pretty easy to set up as well as making sure that every guest has a chance to receive their favor.

Because of the setting, prime favors for this scenario tend towards the sweet and decadent, with postprandial offerings like chocolate, cookies, and brownies.

Watch your guests’ mouths drop as they open a box of dark chocolate truffles, or enjoy a hot chocolate and marshmallow on a stick after dinner!

Take Away from Reception

4) Thank You Gift Bag

The wedding festivities have come to an end. How do you want to send off your guests, who have given up their time and money in order to celebrate with you? The Thank You Gift Bag can be something simple, yet it is a fantastic way to imprint a lasting memory of your wedding in your guests’ minds as they leave.

You can take cues from the Welcome Gift Bag idea – think in terms of your wedding theme, style, and what makes sense for your guests. Are you having a fall wedding in New England? It’s not only fun but also very appropriate to send your guests home with some trail mix or granola munchies (just in case they get lost along the way).

Something wonderful would be to supply them with artisan soap for the bathroom in their home – as they use it each day they will think fondly of you!

If you have a fall or winter wedding, consider bundling up a tea care package for them to enjoy. They will reminisce about your nuptials as they sip hot, delicious organic tea selected and packaged with care.

With the Thank You Gift Bag, the hotel lobby or reception area works well as guests will tend to mingle, say their goodbyes while they check out, and it’s the perfect spot to surprise them with a gift bag.

Another idea is at the day after brunch, which is common in both more formal as well as casual forms – you can go around handing out your gift bags while personally thanking your guests for attending.

We hope you have enjoyed these ideas on how you can incorporate edible wedding favors into your own wedding planning. Remember that food wedding favors do not have to be only for foodies, but for anyone who loves tasty and memorable foods.

You can shop all the Wedding Favors we offer here, and also take a look at our Custom Gifts for more ideas.

How will you incorporate favors into your wedding? Please share with us in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

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