15 Super Sweet & Romantic Holiday Traditions to Start as Newlyweds!

15 Super Sweet & Romantic Holiday Traditions to Start as Newlyweds! Gourmet Wedding Gifts Personalized wedding guest favors and customized gifts-01

15 Super Sweet & Romantic Holiday Traditions to Start as Newlyweds! Gourmet Wedding Gifts Personalized wedding guest favors and customized gifts-01

1. Christmas Letter Time Capsule

Each Christmas, write a letter to your significant other about what you hope your next year together will bring; what you hope to accomplish together, what you wish for them and for yourselves as a couple, let them know what they mean to you and how you’ll love and support them! When you’re each done writing your letters, seal them in a “time capsule” – an envelope or special box (you can even have fun decorating your capsule together!) and write “DON’T OPEN TILL CHRISTMAS! MM/DD/YYYY” of next year on it! Next Christmas you can open your time capsule together, read your letters and look back on the memories you created throughout the year. Each year after the first you’ll be able to read the letters from last Christmas and wrote your letters for next Christmas!

2. His & Hers Date-velopes

Making time for each other can be difficult! We’re all SO busy, right!? As a couple it’s important to make time for each other and to spend quality time together! This Christmas tradition won’t let ANY excuses get in the way!

Step one: Each half of the couple will come up with 6 date ideas: Maybe it’s a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, a class you’ve been wanting to take, a meal you’ve wanted to make together or something you’ve wanted to do for your significant other… or maybe you go on Groupon or Living Social and pick the 6 MOST interesting activities to try in your area.

Step two: Write/print out your date ideas, fold them up and seal them each in a separate envelope so that your partner can’t see what dates you chose with and so that you won’t know what order they are in!

Step three: Alternating months, look at the calendar for the upcoming year and pick the SPECIFIC date or weekend for each date and write it on the envelope. Viola! A year of exciting dates for you to enjoy together!

3. Christmas Morning Breakfast Bucket List

Christmas morning! The perfect time to cross homemade french toast or crepes or eggs benedict or any other amazing breakfast you can think of. Pull out that waffle iron you got years ago but have been too “busy” to take out of the box! Use Christmas morning as a time to make that home made breakfast you’ve only dreamed of whipping up or try new recipe you’ve been too afraid to! Now is your chance to do it together. For an extra bonus, why not eat your “bucket-list breakfast” in bed?!

4. Yearly Tree Ornaments

There’s something SO extremely special about unpacking holiday decorations and unwrapping the tree ornaments, one by one! As a couple, take time to intentionally build your ornament collection by adding a new special ornament each year – something that speaks to an event, milestone or accomplishment you experienced together. Maybe you bought your first house, or got engaged or married, maybe you traveled or got a dog… there’s an ornament for that! As time goes by, each year you’ll be able to unwrap your collection, each piece reminding you of a special moment in your lives together!

5. Christmas Present Wrapping Date Night

Wrapping presents doesn’t HAVE to be a chore! Grab your FAVORITE snacks (all of them!), put on your favorite jams (maybe Christmas music, maybe not), and set up your wrapping station! It’s not a fancy dinner but many times it’s when you enjoy the simple things together that you connect the most!

6. Christmas Socks

We see a lot of Christmas pajama traditions, which are great, but we’re changing things up because how many pajamas can one person really have? Now socks on the other hand, especially big-ol’-fluffy-ones with pom poms or what have you… keep em coming!

Each year, get you and your partner the cutest most comfortable holiday socks you can find and throw those bad boys on. Get them early on in the season and wear them while you’re wrapping presents, on Christmas morning… in fact, there’s no time NOT to wear them!

7. Sexy His & Hers Stockings

Spice things up! Add sexy stockings (for you and partner’s eyes only!) to your holiday. A romantic tradition you can enjoy together… and then enjoy together! Massage oils, sexy lingerie, toys, coupon books … get as creative as you can! Dedicate this time to connecting on a more intimate level, have FUN and don’t be afraid to get yourself on the “naughty” list with this one (wink, wink).

8. Christmas Cake or Cookie Bake-Date Night

Even if you’re not a “baking couple”, this is still a super fun tradition to incorporate into your holidays! The worse that can happen is that you collect a bunch of great stories of what went wrong. Set aside an evening to make your favorite, most decadent cake or cookie recipe to either share with friends or stash away for the two of you to feast on! This is a great tradition to enjoy with kids too!

9. Love Journals

For this tradition, you and your significant other will each need a journal – these will be your “Love Journals”. Each Christmas or in the weeks leading up it, you’ll each write an entry in your journals TO each other. Share whatever is on your mind and express the love that is in your heart! On Christmas, you’ll exchange journals and read what the other wrote for you. Each year you’ll use the same journal to write a new entry and over the years, your journals will fill up with sweet memories, moments and SO much love … and hopefully you’ll be able to fill up several journals!!

10. “Love Notes” Mason Jar Advent Calendar

We recommend 25 days (though you can make your calendar as long or as short as you’d like), starting on December 1st.

Step one: Prepare your jar together by grabbing a pen and two stacks of post-it notes (2 different colors).

Step two: Each partner writes out 25 love notes on 25 individual post-it notes.

Step three: Fold all of your love notes up and drop them into a mason jar together.

Sept four: Starting on December 1st, each day pick out two new love notes (one of each color, one note for each person). Your last love notes will be shared on Christmas!

11. Hosting Friends-mas

If you’re a couple who loves to host, make “Friends-mas” a new holiday tradition! Have fun serving up holiday cocktails such as peppermint martinis, delicious apps, dips and desserts, or enlist the help of your guests and enjoy potluck-style nosh. This is a great tradition, especially if you’re family is not local or you have friends who aren’t planning to travel home for the holidays.

12. Learn Together

Learning together is growing together! Since you’ll both most likely have some time off from work, the holidays are a great time to explore and learn new skills together!

Try making pottery, take  a photography class, sign up for a cooking class together or follow an online tutorial to DIY something for your home! There are countless new things to explore depending on what you enjoy and are curious about.

13. Couples Massage

The holidays can be especially stressful – why not treat yourselves to a couples massage and take a moment to relax! A time to not think about gifts or family, or dinner menus… just enjoy this downtime together and de-stress! If you don’t have a go-to spa or can’t shell out a small fortune – take a peek on Groupon or Living Social for a good local deal.

14. New Year Chores Outsource

You’ve worked SO hard to make the holidays wonderful for you, your partner, your family, your children, your friends, etc.. this tradition is well deserved!  Decide to outsource one (or more!) chore for the next month or more.

If you live ANYWHERE that gets snow, you may even choose to outsource your chore for the winter months. Maybe you’ll decide to have someone come in once a month and clean the house top to bottom (consider also hiring them to come in after the holidays and save yourself the holiday clean up!) or maybe you want to enlist a service like instacart or blue apron to grocery shop for you or make meals easy so you can stay warm and snuggle up inside.

Choose something you both equally dislike or never make time for and use that time to spend together instead.

15. Add-A-Tradition (each year)

If you’re thinking, WOW these are ALL ideas, but I can’t possibly start them all at once… There’s a tradition for that! Start with your favorite new tradition, and each year, add a new one to your collection. Consider putting them in a hat and picking one out at random – that way it’ll come as an added surprise!

15 Super Sweet & Romantic Holiday Traditions to Start as Newlyweds! Gourmet Wedding Gifts Personalized wedding guest favors and customized gifts-checkist-Checklist-02

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

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