10 Weird, Wacky and Unique Wedding Themes

10 Weird, Wacky and Unique Wedding Themes Gourmet Wedding Gifts and Personalized Guest Favors-02

1. Steampunk Wedding

Steampunk is a mashup of Victorian-era steam-powered technology and aesthetics in a science fiction world. This real wedding of Rachel and Adam showcases how interesting a steampunk-themed wedding can be, from the costumes to the reception details. With the added circus theme, this wedding truly checks the “unique theme” box multiple times!

steampunk wedding vows bride groom officiant

See the full wedding with more pics and details over at Offbeat Bride.

2. Star Wars Wedding

Time to geek out with Star Wars weddings! You can find inspiration for these weddings all over, as there are legions of fans of the beloved Star Wars universe who want to incorporate the aspects of that world into their wedding day.

LA couple Jennifer and Joshua put on a great show – even Dad dressed up as Darth Vader for the father-daughter dance! – with costumes and reception details that paid homage to the movies.

We especially loved the lightsabers for the couple’s dance:

star wars wedding lightsaber dance

Take a look at the full wedding photos along with details of the wedding here.

3. Aquarium Wedding…with dinosaurs and dragons (of course)

Sometimes a unique venue helps make a fantastic wedding theme idea a reality. In the case of Danielle and Tony, they not only had an aquatic-themed wedding at the Albuquerque BioPark Aquarium, but they also added dragons and dinosaurs into their reception details because, well, why not?

aquarium wedding vows fish tank

Take a look at the rest of this amazing aquatic wedding here!

4. Halloween Wedding

A Halloween theme works really well for fall weddings, even if it doesn’t fall exactly on October 31. For couples that love to be goofy, this offers both them and their guests ways to really go all out with costumes and crazy antics.

This post over at SnapKnot showcases some great ideas for weddings and engagement shoots. One of our favorites is this wedding party shot by J Clay Photo:

halloween wedding bridal party masks

See the complete post here.

5. Gothic Murder Mystery Wedding

Ok, this one is incredible. Keeping with the creepy Halloween theme, this wedding incorporated gothic themes as well an interactive murder mystery in lieu of the traditional rehearsal dinner.

This looks like such an elaborate and well-planned wedding it is making us dizzy:

gothic murder mystery wedding mugshot

Take a look at the full photos and learn more about how this wedding came together here.

6. Harry Potter Wedding

We are loving this Harry Potter themed wedding between Cassie-Leigh and Lewis Byron in Manchester, UK. This Hogwarts wedding had incredible photos and details, from handmade wands and copies of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the guests, to the bride’s Slytherin and Gryffindor heels, to Hogwarts House-themed tables at the reception:

harry potter wedding hogwarts wand bride groom

See the rest of this amazing Harry Potter wedding here.

7. The Walking Dead Wedding

Steelers running back Deangelo Williams pulled out all the stops for his atypical celebrity wedding. A huge fan of the post-apocalyptic zombie show The Walking Dead on AMC, Williams dreamed of having his wedding party made up as flesh-eating zombies or “walkers” from the show. Because of course, what else would you want on your wedding day besides zombies?

walking dead zombie wedding deangelo williams

See the full post and don’t miss the video Williams made with ESPN to document his weird and wacky wedding here.

8. Game of Thrones Wedding

Fans of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, inspired by the massive novels by George R.R. Martin, will appreciate this amazing wedding between Darren Prew and Kerry Ford of Hereford, UK.

Prew and Ford won a competition to have their wedding in true GoT style; they were helped by a professional team for costumes, styling and makeup, so this might be tricky for the average couple’s budget. You can take some inspiration from the result however!

That is quite the wedding party:

game of thrones wedding party

See the rest of the amazing photography here.

9. Minions Wedding

Remember the Minions? Those little yellow creatures from Despicable Me? Samantha and Bob Thomas LOVE those little guys; so much so that they wanted to make their entire wedding day Minion-themed: place cards, balloons, confetti, even a leg tattoo on the groom!

Getting sent off in style by a Minion:

minions wedding with bride and groom

See the rest of Samantha and Bob’s wedding here.

10. LEGO Wedding

LEGO is the best. We’ve all spent countless hours as children playing with those little multicolored blocks. Bostonians Jess and Mac REALLY love LEGOs and the incorporated them into their wedding at The Metropolitan Waterworks Museum

lego wedding reception place cards

Check out the rest of the photos from Jess and Mac’s LEGO wedding here!

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